1. A New Path



    Almost exactly a year ago, Path first launched. I remember the initial response being highly mixed. Some found its smaller network refreshing. Others thought it was just about the dumbest thing they’d ever seen. Something about it struck me. Not even the product itself as much as the core concept behind it. And I took to this blog to write as much

    A year later, Path was never able to take off in a way that a service like Instagram has. But it should have been pretty clear from the get-go that their trajectories would be far different. Path was a service that went out of its way to dampen the viral effects that bring in massive amounts of users.

    They were trying to do something different. Perhaps stubbornly so.

    The next phase of that journey starts tonight. Path version 2 has just gone live for iPhone and Android. I’ve had the chance to play around with it for a few weeks, and it’s fantastic. It’s probably the most beautiful social app ever developed for iOS — something which I don’t say lightly. And it certainly has to be the best-looking app on the Android platform — something which I say fairly lightly. 

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    So much of what Siegler wrote about Path can be re-read with great hilarity in light of the latest debacle. MG Siegler...
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    This is a hell of a lot more compelling than facebook…
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    As mobile iOS apps go, the design of this app is stunning. Mind blowing even. There is an elegance of design in this app...
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